Saturday, December 23, 2017

Trust God With Your Money

I am grateful to have parents that modeled for me obedience in tithing.

After my wife and I married in 2001 we discussed and agreed that we would tithe 10% from the gross amount of our income out of obedience to the Lord and as a way to worship Him, and also to show our gratitude.

Over the years we have countless examples of how the Lord has been faithful in honoring our tithe and provided for us.

My wife and I both work in education and while we are not wealthy by North Dallas standards we do make a good living, but when you’re raising 3 kids it can seem like you never have enough money.

On one occasion our upstairs air-conditioning unit went out. The repair was going to be expensive and we didn’t have the money to pair for it at the time. Fortunately it was spring and the temperatures were not too hot outside, so we decided to wait until we had we money. Two months went by and the temperature started to get hotter and the upstairs started to get warmer. My wife noticed the kids were sweating at night and although I told her it was building character in them she was a little more sympathetic so we decided to go ahead and get the air conditioner repaired and agreed that we’d just figure out a way to pay for the repairs. The next week we received a reimbursement check in the mail because we had overpaid on our escow from the previous year and the amount of the check covered the cost of repairs for our airconditioner. God was saving the money for us.

You many say, great story, but that just a coincidence.

I’ve got a lot more stories like that one.

On another occasion my wife needed new tires on her SUV. Tires are expensive, especially for an SUV.

In 16 ½ years of marriage my wife and I have always paid off our credit card bill at the end of the month and I initially wanted to wait to buy new tires till we could afford to pay for them, but then I thought, what if it rains and my wife has a wreck because her tires are too slick. Do I really want to risk that just so I don’t have to pay interests? So we had new tires put on her car that day and again agreed we’d figure out a way to pay for them.

A few days later my wife received a phone call from the office manager of her doctor who told her that nearly a year earlier we had overpaid on the birth of our son and they had a reimbursement check for us. My wife said I’ll be right there. She drove up to her doctors office that day and picked up the check and the amount of the check covered the costs for the new tires we just purchased for her SUV. God was saving the money for us again.

Yes, God has always taken care of our needs and sometimes even our wants.

I don’t want to make God and tithing out to look like a slot machine. I don’t believe in the give to get theology.

Yes, God has provided for us, but you know what the greater blessing has been. Through our obedience in tithing God has given us freedom and has increased our faith.

Money doesn’t own us and money doesn’t provide for us. God is our provider.

There have been times the Lord has stretched our money and when we tried to put it on paper it didn’t make sense. But with God it doesn’t have to. A friend once told me that if your calculator causes you to lose your faith you need to take out the batteries.

With all the other stresses in life. It is so nice to be able to lay my head down at night and sleep without ever having to worry about money. Yes, there are financial surprises in life, but I trust the Lord will provide somehow and he always does.

As God has worked in our finances our faith in what He can do with our stuff when we give it to Him has increased and we want to give Him everything.

And we have shared with our children how the Lord has provided and even had them pray with us over our needs as a family so that the legacy of faith and tithing will be passed on to them as well.

Lord, thank you that when we honor and obey you with our tithe you are faithful and provide for all our needs and even beyond. Thank you that you give us freedom and increase our faith. Lord, help us to share these experiences with our children and have a testimony that will pass on a legacy of giving to future generations.

“Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

Trust God With Your Money

I am grateful to have parents that modeled for me obedience in tithing. After my wife and I married in 2001 we discussed and agreed tha...