Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sustaining Christian Education

Upon receiving the Zig Ziglar Servant Leadership Award from Prestonwood Christian Academy, Franklin Graham said “Christian education is the last great wall in America.”

In 2014 we saw increased liberal attacks on Christian education, both higher education and K-12. I’m afraid these attacks will increase, but that should only strengthen our resolve to take a stand for Jesus Christian and Christian education.

There are many ways you can help Christ-centered educational institutions. The most important and powerful way for you can make a difference is to pray for Christian colleges/universities and K-12 programs. Pray that God will give His wisdom to the leaders, teachers, and support staff at Christian educational institutions. Pray for God’s hand of protection over our Christian schools. Pray that our Christian schools will not give in to cultural and social pressures that are contrary to Scripture and that they will remain faithful to the teaching of Jesus Christ. And pray that the students will gain a deep understanding of God’s word and develop a sincere relationship with Jesus Christ.

I recently heard that in the next 30 years there will be 2 types of Christian schools: 1) those that are endowed and 2) those that are closed. Another way you can make a difference is to make a financial gift to a Christ-centered educational institution. Establishing and giving to endowments at Christ-centered educational institutions is a great way to ensure your donation will give in perpetuity and the Christ-centered institution will continue to teach the truth of Jesus Christ for years to come.

Let’s make sure there are more endowed Christian schools than there are closed 30 years from now. Join me in making a gift to a Christ-centered educational institution.

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